I sure will be glad when I can look for Rabbits instead of Germans.

Oct 5, 1944 Dear Ann,  I have nothing much to do this morning so I will try and catch up on some of my writing. Gosh seems like I am way behind. I haven’t been writing much lately one reason the weather was bad and it is a little hard to sit in the cold Read more

Make’s me think of hunting season.

Sept 28, 1944 Dear Helen and Ben It is a nice cool damp morning. Make’s me think of hunting season. Gosh only a few more days and you will go out to see what luck you have. I wish I could go with you. Have you had the dog out any? How does she work? Read more

Boy I sure am getting to be a old buck

Dear Ann I have enough time to write you this letter before I get ready for supper. I received your swell birthday card and yesterday the 19th also one from Ben and Helen. Boy I sure am getting to be a old buck Eh. Ha. I was glad to hear so many of the kids Read more

It is about the same as Belgium, except for the flag.

Somewhere in Holland Dear Ann, Well it is about time I take a little time out to write to you. It is a nice day today so nice and warm, the last two days it was raining. I really don’t have much to write about. Except that we are in a new country.  I don’t Read more

we haven’t had much excitement lately.

VMAIL Sept 6, 1944 Dear Ann, This morning we got some mail. I got give letters and three papers. The one paper was of June 6. Ha. Also got two letters from you. Everything is going at a good clip over here we haven’t had much excitement lately. Another fellow and I was out for Read more

Boy! I sure enjoy eating fruit.

Thur Aug 31, 1944 Dear Ann It is now nine o’clock in the morning had Breakfast about seven o’clock. Now I just washed up and shoved. it is a little cooler this morning. Had rain for about three days. This morning the Sun in out, But it is just windy So it did not work Read more

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