We have to wear our gas mask every where we go even when we go to chow.

</p>Mrs. Richard Drodt Ida Michigan June 7 Dear Ann We are still on the alert here, have been since week ago last Fri. I don’t know how much longer we will be on one some one thought it will last till about the 15th. Boy I sure hope it doesn’t last too much longer. you Read more

Ida said to unlock the door and let me in

June 22th Dear Ben + All: Its been quite a while since I wrote to you so I’ll sit down and get it over with. This is Mon nite just had supper and it wasn’t anything to brag about. It was pretty warm here today also Sat and Sun. It was real nice over the Read more

That song Sleepy Lagoon is playing on the radio. Boy I sure like it.

June 25th, 1942 Dear Ann, Its been some time since I wrote to you. I’ll try and write a few words before supper and finish after supper.  Maybe I can think of more then. It rained all day today not so very hard but steady we were working in it all day had to wear Read more

How is the hay crop this year?

Dear Ben, Rec your letter today and the $2.00 from Al.  Gosh he couldn’t have picked a better time to send me money I was down to my last dollar, We always get paid on the 1st of the month but on account of this new raise in pay the pay will be delayed for Read more