don’t forget to mention how many you missed

Dear Ben + All I received your Vmail Friday was glad to hear from you. I want to thank you for renewing my insurance on my car. I thought about it some time ago but then I forgot all about it so I am glad you took care of it. Well I suppose you have Read more

I am wearing that four leaf clover on my dog chain

VMAIL Mrs. Richard Drodt Ida, Michigan T/5 F Swehla Co. B 803 T.D. Bn A.P.O. 305 c/o Postmasters New York, NY Oct 17, 1943 TIME STAMP 21 Oct 1942 Dear Ann, Received your letter and card yesterday that certainly was a nice card. I am wearing that four leaf clover on my dog chain. Hope Read more

I could sorelly go for some of that home cooking right now.

Will try and answer your letters last week I got about four letters from you some of Sept and couple of Oct. I certainly would have liked being to Ben’s for Sunday dinner when Uncle Frank and Stolls were there. We eat pretty good as far as army food is concerned. But Boy oh Boy Read more

Make sure you write my address correct and put it all down

Oct 31 1943 Dear Ann, Sunday PM it is raining out sorta of a gloomy day only one thing good about it. It is pay day. So it sorta brightens things up. I wrote a letter to Ben this morning. So you should get this about the same time. Only I send Ben’s Air mail. Read more