went to a Red Cross dance

Dear Ann, Well its Sunday morning again so I am catching up on my writing and I got an early start I already wrote one letter, its only about nine oclock or little after. Everything is getting along as good as can be expected here in England. Even the weather has been some better the Read more

he sure knew his p’s and q’s about ancient history

Dear Ann – Just another letter to let you know I am in fine health. Hope all of you are the same. Being it is midwinter I suppose you have had your ups and downs with flu and colds. I just come back from a eight day furlough. I had a very good time certainly Read more

had two meals of rabbit

VMAIL Jan 25, 1944 Dear Ben + All This is Sat night. Isn’t it funny when I was home it would have been pretty hard to keep me in on Sat night to write a letter. It doesn’t make much difference what night you go out. one night is like another. It is raining out Read more