wish they could flavor it with caraway seed

England March 12, 1944 Dear Ben, Finished doing my washing this morning so now I will do some writing. It is a nice day, pretty warm the sun is out so it is a nice bright day. Gosh we sure can not sick on the weather lately. Some of the early trees are starting to Read more

I built two little benches to sit on

Dear Ann, Will drop you this sheet to let you know I am ok. Hope you are well. Again today it was such a nice day like Spring. The nights are cold. About a week ago we had to move. I used to live down on the first floor now I live on the third Read more

Station F.E.S. Signing off

England March 17, 1944 Dear Ann, Here it is St. Patrick Day. Wish I were home to take in one of the many dances that will be in swing tonight. Lets see maybe they took place last night. I am send you part of the stars and stripes. Its another nice day. The sun is Read more

Coupleof the fellows are playing a guitar and singing.

VMAIL March 30, 1944 Dear Ann, I will try and answer a few letters to night. So will start on you. How are you and Rich. Last time you wrote you said Rich wasn’t feeling so good. I hope he is better he should be by now. or maybe he has a new sickness. Ha! Read more