Ida said to unlock the door and let me in

June 22th Dear Ben + All: Its been quite a while since I wrote to you so I’ll sit down and get it over with. This is Mon nite just had supper and it wasn’t anything to brag about. It was pretty warm here today also Sat and Sun. It was real nice over the Read more

We have to wear our gas mask every where we go even when we go to chow.

</p>Mrs. Richard Drodt Ida Michigan June 7 Dear Ann We are still on the alert here, have been since week ago last Fri. I don’t know how much longer we will be on one some one thought it will last till about the 15th. Boy I sure hope it doesn’t last too much longer. you Read more

I missed being a sharp shooter by 2 points boy!

</p>Company “B” 803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion FORT LEWIS, WASHINGTON APO 309 May 28, 1942 Dear Ann Got your card yesterday so I will answer, I also have few of those pictures to send to you. We were out to the rifle range Mon, Tue and Wed we had to stay out there and sleep in Read more

and gosh did we ever get greeted kindly by the girls.

MAY 11, 1942 Dear Rich; Happy Birthday to you have a good time and take a drink of wine for me. Well Rich we got back to camp 5:00 PM. We traveled about 1000 miles through Wash and Oregon. It sure was a nice change. I like the state of Oregon lots better than this Read more

Pay day to day “hot digity dog”

April 30, 1942 Pay day to day “hot digity dog” we always look forward to pay day like little school kids. Ann I am going to send a little money home this month it wont be much but a little.  Will you put it in the bank for me.  My bank book I think is Read more

Jack Teagardend played. Boy the floor was good

April 19, 1942 Fort Lewis Dear Ann, Well its Sunday, 18 years since father died, also its “Jims” “Ben horse” Birthday ha! Its a beautiful day out today, the weather  pretty nice now. There are lot of flowers in blossom people are mowing lawns  and “stuff” sure seem nice again. I went to town last Read more