lots of fun with that plunger gadget

March 8, 1943 Dear Ben and All; How is your arm by now? I hope it its ok. My back isn’t so hot yet either. It got sorta stiff when I sit around and then it pains when I get up, if it don’t get better in a day or so I am going to Read more

Usually there are plenty of girls there

March 1, 1942 Dear Ann, This is Monday night. I go on guard at 1:00 to night so I will write you a few lines before I lie down for a little shut eye. Did “Rich” hear weather he have to go? If he dose I wonder what he will get into and where he Read more

got back ok

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We have two radios in our Barracks.

February 13, 1943 Dear Ann – Your letter was here waiting for me when I got back from my pass. I sent to Phila on my three day pass had a swell time wish I could have stayed longer. They gould just as well have let me stay till Mon morning. The only thing we Read more

We had our first snow storm last Wed.

Dear Ben + All; Sun after noon, a good time to write you a few lines. How is every thing at home? Do you still have snow on the ground? We had our first snow storm last Wed. It snowed about 5 in looks pretty nice, its been quite a while since the last snow Read more

He is getting pretty old but sure has a good memory.

Dear Ann, I got your letter yesterday was glad to get it. Did you see Ben since I wrote him that letter? If you have I suppose you know where, and a little of what goes on. When I was in New York I went to “Rosendale” and saw Uncle Ben. Got there Fri 6:00 Read more

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