The beer here doesn’t amount to much.

July 1, 1942 Dear Ann: By Gall its hot today and I believe yesterday was worse: I kept thinking it would never get hot here. But I guess I got fooled Well only 3 more days til the 4th, I don’t know if we will be on the alert or not. Some think we will Read more

Beer was good but the cigarettes were terrible.

July 14th Dear Annie, I guess I better answer your letter to nite. Its raining out so its a good time to write, if I finish this in time I will write to Harold Gertner I got a letter from him the other day from Australia. I sent him a letter Jan 27th he got Read more

By Gosh thats a fine thing

Dear Helen and All: Fri night 7:00 P.M. A good time to answer your letter. I got your letter a few day ago and was glad to read such a long letter. By Gosh that’s a fine thing buy a hay loader the first year I am not there. But I am glad he got Read more

I guess he is doing ok for himself.

July 20th Monday nit 7:45. Well I will write to you one more from Wash. we are being transferred to Texas. I believe it will be to Camp Hood. don’t know just when we are leaving but the last report is it might be Sat or Sun. I am glad of the transfer but they Read more

Photos from the train

A gallery of photos taken on the train ride from Washington State to Texas. Read more