we had asparagus for Sunday dinner

T/5 Felix E. SwehlaCo. B. 803 T.D. Bn.Pine CampNew York POSTMARKEDWATERTOWN, Ny APR 91130 AM1943 FREE Mrs. Richard DrodtIdaMichiganPine Camp New York April 8, 1943 Dear Annie I’ll write you a few lines. I just wrote to Harold Geartner and John Rahls. I wrote a real long one to Harold. I was on guard last Read more

Snowed every day this week.

T/5 Felix E. SwehlaCo. B. 803 T.D.Pine CampNew York POSTMARKEDWATERTOWNAPR 151130 AM1943N.Y. Mrs. Richard DrodtIda Michigan Dear Ann. I had the card a long time so I will send it to you. I send one just like it to Jack. Also just wrote to Ben. Its snowing out today. Snowed every day this week. Tell Read more

Sixteen hours so you see we don’t have things very soft.

Pine Camp, N.J. April 15, 1943 Dear Ben, Helen and All: Got your letter the other day, Gosh you are lucky to have spring weather by the way it looks here it wont warm up till about June. Its been colder then heck here snows every day then rains with it so there isn’t much Read more

Dental Report

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