That was one fourth the fire crackers was going off for keeps.

July 5, 1944 Dear Ann, By now you should have received my letters from France. I got your letter of June 6th. Today the air mail dated June 12. I probably would have got it sooner, But the last week or so we have been jumping here and there on the peninsula had a bit Read more

To day I took my first bath in France

VMAIL July 16, 1944 Dear Helen, I will take time to answer your letter of Jun 27. I got it July 15th. To day I took my first bath in France. My last bath was over a month ago. Some of the fellows  went to a pond. The water was cold as heck. It hans’t Read more

But five Franc is only ten cents

France July 20, 1944 Dear Ann, I will start this letter to-night. It is eight o’clock and I am tired as heck didn’t get much sleep the last two nights So I am about to hit the hay. It is raining sorta light kinda sleepy weather. So I should catch up on a little shut Read more

Yes, I still live under a tree.

July 28, 1944 Somewhere in France Dear Ann,  Here I am again, nothing else to do but sit and wait for a hour or so. So I will start writing this letter to you. Now I suppose you are wondering what I am waiting for. It’s nothing bad, but I won’t be able to put Read more

We certainly moved the Germans back this week

VMAIL July 30, 1944 Dear Ben, Sunday Morning it is now 10:15 Will write you this V-Mail letting you know I am ok. Will try and write a couple more While I haven’t much to do. It is a little cloudy out today. probably will get a little rain Has been raining a little nearly Read more