We had our first snow storm last Wed.

Dear Ben + All;

Sun after noon, a good time to write you a few lines.

How is every thing at home? Do you still have snow on the ground?

We had our first snow storm last Wed. It snowed about 5 in looks pretty nice, its been quite a while since the last snow I saw.

Everything is fine with me had a little cold a while back but now its about gone.

We are getting three day passes again this month. I don’t know when I will take mine. Maybe I will try and go about Wed. I think I will go to Phila. This time, its only about 30 miles from here.

In one letter Ann wrote she and Rich would like to come to N.Y.  Too bad they can’t come when I have the three days off. There sure is plenty to see around here. I wish we would stay until spring. I imagine its pretty nice around here when things start getting green.

I got a box from Ann yesterday. Pop corn and candy. She said some thing about that she send me one around Xmas. If she did I never got it.

It takes the mail a long time to get here. First going to Texas then here, then I suppose its lays around couple of days in Texas before they send it.

There are few more things I could tell you, but I am little afraid. Just in case they should get one of our letters that we take to town to mail.

Until next time good bye. Write me to Camp Hood. Leave off the “Group 2 and UTC 803 T.D. Camp Hood.”

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