Nov 24, 1941 – Whittier, Ca

Dear Ann, How Be You

Whitter, Calif

Nov 24, 1941

Dear Ann, How be YOU.

Will write you a few lines while I am over to John and Sylvia I wrote a letter to Ben a while ago. I don’t no much news. Only that we had a nice trip. I am a little tired today as I didn’t sleep much last nite. Played cards till mid night then sat around and listened to the men tell jokes, that was in the club car then When I went to our own car, Lucille was stretched out over her own seat and mine too I didn’t want to wake her so I went back to the club car, and slept there for a couple of hr, then It was morning.

Was you over home? I suppose it was sorta quiet around there. What did Ben say? Did you go right home from Toledo Sat? or did you stop anywhere?

Sylvia and John went to town after some groceries, Lucille is getting her hair fixed, young Sylvia s beating a rug for a neighbor woman. Leona is getting Supper and I am writing this. so I guess you no what were doing now. Jo is out playing I will go back to Camp sometime to- morrow I wish I could stay here for a week at least Sylvia wants to know so many ?s about Ma. and everybody. You should here her and Lucille XXX its so nice and warm here right now I’ll bet its quite cold at home. Well We just had a beer on John. Twas good. ha. ha. Ha! Ha! Rich got Lee Mosme for Christmas. What is he going to get him ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

It seems funny to write a letter and not to have to ask how Ma is. This is all I can think about, I will write again from Camp. Good Bye Love Felix isn’t that nice writing? Ha. Ha.

Nov 12, 1941 – Camp Roberts, San Miguel, Ca



Nov 12, 1941

Dear Ann, Did you get my card yet?

We are still here, but I don’t no what the delay is we were all packed Thur Morning ready to go but they haven’t given us the word yet, it may be in, the morning, when we leave.

We are having blackouts here one Wed night, there is talk about one tonight. No body here in Camp seem to be so very worried about the war, of coarse it will be different if we really get to fighting. that is us guys because some are all ready fighting

They won’t let us leave the Camp, we have to stay close 
to the barracks so we will all be around if we have to leave. This morning there were three trains (a little way from here on the side track they all pulled out with men. We don’t no where any one goes they don’t tell us a word. I guess we won’t have a very good Christmas this year won’t be able to go any where, I hope you all have a good time, try and have some fun for me, and be sure and don’t worry about me, Because I am all right, I allmost feel as if I want to get at those Japs and the rest that want to fight.

I got a letter from Garnet to day, I was surprise if you see her tell her I will answer after a while. How is everything around home?

It is almost bed time 9 P.M. ha ha and the light will go out. So I better quit. you better not send me any mail till I till I let you no my new address. I hope we stay a couple of more days then I will get almost all of the mail that is on the way now. If you see anybody I no tell them I am moving, so they won’t write to me here, I guess tomorrow is Lucille’s birthday isn’t it? Well good – bye Felix

O my arm was so lame I could hardly raise it.

Postmarked: Camp Roberts, CA, Oct 28, 3pm

Oct 27, 1941

Dear Ann + All

I got your letter today  – 
also oh! “no” I got yours Sat, but I wasn’t 
here, I also got a card 
from Cliff,  a card from 
Helen and a card from 
Sylvia that was the 
first mail I got from 
home I was so glad to get it.  Today I 
got a letter from 
Ben and Raymond Meyers.

I went over to 
Sylvia for over Sun. 
I got there Sat nite 
15 minutes to six. They was all so glad to see me and I was also glad to get away from here. I rode down with some fellows that live in
 Sa. the fellow that owns the car charge us $5 up and back the bus fare would have been $7.25. We left back for camp 10 o’clock from Whittier
 11 from down town 
La, we got back to camp at 4 in the morning and we have to getup at five every morning except for Sun then we have 
to get up at 7.

Oh! yes the mail I 
got Sat the fellow that 
sleeps next to me – 240 miles from here to Whitter “about”got it for me and gave it to me the first thing this morning.

I am ready for Retreat we have to stand Retreat every nite at 5:30 we have to dress up in our O.D. that is what they call these army clothes we have to wear.  We have to have a necktie and our cap on.

I am glad that mother is better. I keep thinking about her so much. Well I guess I will have to read your letter again so I can answer some of those questions you asked.

ha! ha! STOP. READ START Inf for Infantry –  Tng for training – Bn for Battalion “That; That;”

Yes I was vaccinated and had those other shots I guess we are all threw with shots Boy! am I glad of it. I guess they were Typhoid shots. I’ve had the last one last Wed, and Thur I was sorta sick from it I had a fever and O my arm was so lame I could hardly raise it. but its as good as new now.

We have to train -train about 8 hr a day but we have to get up so early and clean the Barracks that is the name of the building we live in. first we have to sweep then we have to mop the floor every morning right after breakfast, make our own bed we have to to do a very good job on our beds but it isn’t hard after you no how.

The lights go out at 9 nine but we really don’t have to be in bed til 10:00 that is when they take bed check to see if every body is in. but unless you go some place you might as well go to bed because you don’t dare talk after the light go out, it 
makes it kinda bad 
some times one would like to write yet but there is no lite.

I don’t know if we could get every Sun off or not. Our first Sun here we had to stay in. We could go to some little town near but we had to sleep here. this last Sun they give us a a week end pass if we asked for it.

No we don’t have mailbox. one of the corp gets the mail then he stands in front of the Barracks and call off our name. There are 54 men in one Barracks, everybody is so glad when they get some mail.

I had a good time over to Sylvia’s Sun I drove both of John car’s the new Buick is nice, in the PM I took them to the Cemetary then we took Lucille to longs she wanted to get some pictures to show me

“Gosh Yes!” I would have liked to have been there to go hunting, seems like every body got so much. I don’t suppose I will get a taste of a phesent this year.

Yes! we have good eats here to day we had chicken for dinner I don’t know why they had chick on Monday We had chicken a week ago Sun.

Boy! they sure rush us around today seem like because every body was tired.

Do you ever see Leslie Lowe  think I will write a card to Frank’s Straka yet to nite. Tell mother I will write in a few days FELIX.