People living in the town waving at us throwing kisses

Fri 18 1944 Dear Ben + All Once again I get my pen out to scribble you for a few lines. I hear some bombers coming over here. I certainly like to hear them. The air force has certainly did its deed in this war. I wish you could see the sight we saw yesterday Read more

Both are a lot stronger than our Whiskey.

Aug 16, 1944 Dear Ann I can not remember to who I wrote last. Ben or you. I usually rotate the letters. But looking through my back mail I found a V-Mail and a Air mail from you, and only a V-Mail from Helen, So I will write to you then in a couple days Read more

Fresh milk. Hot Dog.

Tue Aug 8, 1944 Dear Ben + Helen I finished cleaning up the big job that I drive, so now I will spend about a hour or so writing. Boy! it sure is a swell day. I would say the temperature is about 70 or 75 it seems to stay about that most of the Read more

We certainly moved the Germans back this week

VMAIL July 30, 1944 Dear Ben, Sunday Morning it is now 10:15 Will write you this V-Mail letting you know I am ok. Will try and write a couple more While I haven’t much to do. It is a little cloudy out today. probably will get a little rain Has been raining a little nearly Read more

Yes, I still live under a tree.

July 28, 1944 Somewhere in France Dear Ann,  Here I am again, nothing else to do but sit and wait for a hour or so. So I will start writing this letter to you. Now I suppose you are wondering what I am waiting for. It’s nothing bad, but I won’t be able to put Read more

But five Franc is only ten cents

France July 20, 1944 Dear Ann, I will start this letter to-night. It is eight o’clock and I am tired as heck didn’t get much sleep the last two nights So I am about to hit the hay. It is raining sorta light kinda sleepy weather. So I should catch up on a little shut Read more

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