Station F.E.S. Signing off

England March 17, 1944 Dear Ann, Here it is St. Patrick Day. Wish I were home to take in one of the many dances that will be in swing tonight. Lets see maybe they took place last night. I am send you part of the stars and stripes. Its another nice day. The sun is Read more

I built two little benches to sit on

Dear Ann, Will drop you this sheet to let you know I am ok. Hope you are well. Again today it was such a nice day like Spring. The nights are cold. About a week ago we had to move. I used to live down on the first floor now I live on the third Read more

wish they could flavor it with caraway seed

England March 12, 1944 Dear Ben, Finished doing my washing this morning so now I will do some writing. It is a nice day, pretty warm the sun is out so it is a nice bright day. Gosh we sure can not sick on the weather lately. Some of the early trees are starting to Read more

You certainly go to the movies often don’t you?

Vmail Feb 15, 1944 Dear Ann, Guess I will drop you a line before I do anything else. You always want to know what we rather I do. Well I can’t hardly tell you all we do. It won’t go through. About all we do is the same we did a year two years ago. Read more

I try and have as much fun as possible it would be a hell hole if we didn’t

VMAIL Feb 4, 1944 Dear Ann, I received your speedy letter to night. It really was a surprise to get once in then days. Because lately most of the letters are a month old before I get them. That certainly was bad news about Wayne and Mary. I bet they do feel bad. Let see Read more

had two meals of rabbit

VMAIL Jan 25, 1944 Dear Ben + All This is Sat night. Isn’t it funny when I was home it would have been pretty hard to keep me in on Sat night to write a letter. It doesn’t make much difference what night you go out. one night is like another. It is raining out Read more

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