he sure knew his p’s and q’s about ancient history

Dear Ann – Just another letter to let you know I am in fine health. Hope all of you are the same. Being it is midwinter I suppose you have had your ups and downs with flu and colds. I just come back from a eight day furlough. I had a very good time certainly Read more

went to a Red Cross dance

Dear Ann, Well its Sunday morning again so I am catching up on my writing and I got an early start I already wrote one letter, its only about nine oclock or little after. Everything is getting along as good as can be expected here in England. Even the weather has been some better the Read more

told me all the tunes on the Hit parade

AMERICAN RED CROSS Dec 21, 1943 Dear Ann: I guess I will answer your letter one you wrote Sept 1st I just got it the other day. It had the picture of you Cora and Lee. They are all good. Well its raining out to-night. Of course that is nothing new seems like it never Read more

I am out and at em again

Dec 16 1943 Dear Ann. I received those letters from you this week. Also the Christmas card. Yes I am out and at em again I was in the hospital 30 days, had five x-rays taken, the last one was satisfactory and I feel fine. Except I caught a cold again but that is nothing Read more

listening to a Yugoslavian program

Hello Ann It seems like I am writing you often lately. Well I am still in the Hosp I feel kinda uneasy this morning so I started writing I just wrote to Mrs. Miller. I am feeling good. But my xray showed that my lungs were not quite clear enough. I was suppost to leave Read more

I’ll be like new when I leave

T/5 F Swehla 36129326Co “B” 803 T.D. Bn. A.P.O. 305c/o Postmaster New York, NYPOSTMARKEDU.S. ARMY POSTAL SERVICE553 NOV 161943 FREE Mrs. Richard DrodtR#1 Box 182IdaMichigan England Nov 14, 1943 Dear Ann I received your v mail of oct 27 the other day. So I guess I will answer it. Well this is Sunday about 11:00 Read more

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