don’t forget to mention how many you missed

Dear Ben + All I received your Vmail Friday was glad to hear from you. I want to thank you for renewing my insurance on my car. I thought about it some time ago but then I forgot all about it so I am glad you took care of it. Well I suppose you have Read more

Administrative Marches

During the month of September Uncle Felix didn’t have much time to write. His Battalion was busy training, moving and marching. Taken from an administrative history of the Battalion Read more

Had fish, beans, lettuce, chocolate pudding, coffee.

Mrs. Richard DrodtIda Michigan England Aug 26, 1943 Dear Ann, Will write you a few lines before I go to bed. Might not finish I am tired to night. How is everything at home? Things have been going smooth with us. It is rainy tonight, we have been getting quite a lot of rain the Read more

pubs close up as soon as they are out

Dear Ann. Will send you card so I don’t have to write so much. Got your letter today. Yes Beer is ration rather the pubs close up soon as they sell out. Felix Read more

farmers are busy cutting wheat and oats

Aug 8, 1943 Dear Ben + All. How is every one at home, Everything is right up to snuff with me. I received your letter the other day the one with the picture of the kids. It is a nice picture of the kids. It is a nice picture Jim looks pretty big the summer Read more

the censor would only cut it out or scratch it out

England Aug 3, 1943 Dear Ann and All. I receive your letter yesterday Aug “2”nd. I was glad to hear from you, that was the first letter I received here, that is to my new A.P.O. All the mail I have been getting was June mail or first part of July. One day I got Read more

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