P.S. Are you going to listen to the fight Fri?

Fort Lewis Wash March 25, 1942 Dear Ben and All – I am just sitting around twiddling my thumb, so I will write you a few lines got your letter yesterday was looking for a letter from you for a could of days yet. I have to go on guard at 12:00 midnight to 4:00 Read more

Most of the time we argue about States

Fort Lewis Washington March 20, 1942 Dear Ann, Well, Here goes nothing. I got your Box today. Gee I was surprised to get it. I couldn’t figure out what it could be. I also got a letter from Ray Meyer. that candy will come in handy. I will always take a couple of bars with Read more

Gee Whiz you sure having a time with your mouth

March 19, 1942 Dear Ben, Got our package the other day but you said you would write and send me my time book, so I though I would wait and answer after I got it. Thank a lot of the cake cookies nuts and boy the candy sure came in handy, I had my first Read more

I got a kick out of them

Dear Ann, I got a letter from Sylvia and Leona. I got a kick out of them so I will write you a short letter and send them to you. got your letter today. I already wrote a letter to Ben, Sonny, and now to you so I guess that will be enough for today. Read more

I like to watch them drill now that I am an old Soldier.

Dear Ben and All I have some time to day so I will write you a letter. I was on guard from 4 this morning to 8 now I have the whole day off till 8 tonight then I will have to guard 4 more hours. I guess for about three week all we wil Read more

Makes us so mad pay tax and in the army.

Dear Ann and Rich, How be you? I have my first cold and sore throat, tis not so bad now last night my throat was pretty sore. I went on sick call this morning the Dr. took my temperature it was ok then he swabs my throughout and gave me some pills and told me Read more