I like to watch them drill now that I am an old Soldier.

Dear Ben and All

I have some time to day so I will write you a letter.

I was on guard from 4 this morning to 8 now I have the whole day off till 8 tonight then I will have to guard 4 more hours. I guess for about three week all we wil do is guard 4 hours and have 12 off. I hope they don’t change there mine. That isn’t a bad set up. Maybe I can catch up on my writing. The weather has been considerable better lately it doesn’t rain half as much as it did when we got here, althou it did rain a little yesterday afternoon and last night, The Sun is out to day its quite warm out between 45 and 50 about two or three tiems a week we have a frost at night that is about the coldest it gets.

Boy those chickens of yours sure are doing well this winter. How much do you get per Doz?

That is too bad that one Sow didn’t at least have 7 pigs too. I’ll bet hogs will be good price all throu this war.

That Hunter round up. Almost made me feel bad this was the second one I had to miss and I always enjoyed them so much. I suppose the crowd was some different with lot of us in the army.

Every once in awhile I see some rookies that just come in they are so different our bunch is all about my age. Well between 21 and 28. Now these new ones seem so much older. I like to watch them drill now that I am an old Soldier. Ha. Ha. You should see them trying to do the right flank, right face, about face, and all that stuff. I guess we were as bad, but I am glad I am over with that we still do it and get balled out plenty too if we make a mistake because we are suppost to know our stuff. ha.

Looks like Art will have to put up with Mrs. [Ralis] for another year or two. Ha. Ha. I got your letter o.k. You probably got the letter I send about the same day or next after you got mine. I made more at Helle then I thought I did.

I am still waiting for that letter from Leslie, I have a hunch I will get it today.

It doesn’t make much difference because I won’t have money to pay my income tax any way.

I am going to wait til the 1st of April when I get paid then I will send it in. If they want they can put me in jail for being 15 days late, ha. I will have to pay about $10.00 and we have to pay right away unless we can show that we send all of our pay check home for some good reason. Pretty cheap of them after only making $21.00. I’ll be glad when I get paid this month it will seem like a million only I’ll being the hole a little so by the time I pay my tax I’ll be S.O.L. Again.

I asked Lucille for a dollar and she sent me five. And said I didn’t have to pay it back. Nice Sister Eh! This was my worse month for money. I’ll be glad when its over.

Everett Collins wrote and told me Harold Genslerrner was in Austraila, boy that sure surprise me Although I figured he must have went some place for he didn’t write to me for nearly 2 month. And before he wrote about every two weeks.

There is some talk about a furlough, I don’t no what will become of it yet, we are so short of men a company is suppost to have about 160 men or more and right now we only have about 50 men. But if the furlough dose amount to any thing and is long enough so we can make the trip we might be seeing each other and don’t think we all aren’t pulling for one. I will write couple more letters yet so I be looking for a letter from you next. Felix

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