who the heck likes to go to bed by light

VMAIL April 4, 1944 Dear Ann, I received your letter today. Just write to Ben as I will fill this out to you. You both wrote such nice long letters. “By Joe” I certainly was surprised when I looked at that clipping about Harold Stahl. The last time I saw him he was so much Read more

How do you look in your glasses?

VMAIL Dear Ben, I received two letters from you this week. The air mail and Vmail, I got so many letters this week. Three or four nearly every day. Now I suppose I won’t get many for about a month. I wonder if I still have my car or maybe you sold it already. Gosh Read more

no passes tonight in the ETO

How do you look in your glasses? England April 13, 1944 Dear Ann, I just wrote a letter to Sonny Bigelow so while I am in the mood I will answer your letter. I got it today. I lost Sonny’s address so I did not write to him for three or four months, Today I Read more

Now that you sold my car I suppose the war will end soon, I hope so

England April 15, 1944 Dear Ben, Received your letter this noon, was glad to here that you are all well, as for me I am fine also. So my car is gone. Gosh almost made me sad, but at the price you got I am very much pleased we were all laying around at the Read more

and told me who this Burton was

VMAIL April 23, 1944 Dear Ann, Looking through my back mail I found several of your letters that I haven’t answered. I believe the last time I wrote to you was Easter or couple days after. There isn’t much news, everything is runing about the same. I am feeling fine as I guess thats all Read more

I am so full of dried eggs they stick out of my ears.

VMAIL April 26, 1944 Dear Ben, No time better than this morning to answer your letter. We have the day off about time we haven’t had a day off a long time even worked the last two Sundays. I bet your kitchen looks good all painted. Who did the painting? Boy! It is a beautiful Read more