Dear Ben and All

Jan 10, 1942 Dear Ben and All Read your letter yesterday, was glad to here that you are feeling better and that everything else is on the up and up. That was a nice picture of the kids. Jim looked nice, seems as if he grew quite a bit. Everything is running along about the Read more

This is the fogeyest state I have ever seen

Jan 16, 1942 Dear Ben and All. How are you all? I am fine. This is Fri night and its always a mad house on Fri. For we always have to get everything clean up for Sat inspection. And boy I mean cleaned up. They sure are strick here in this camp every thing has Read more

I’ll sure be glad when I can wash my car instead of these trucks.

Dear Ben and All! How are you all feeling?  I am still ok. Even with out a cold. I can’t figur it out, me with out a cold. I am mad this morning it is Sun 9:30 o’clock. They just made us put our over-halls on and we have to go out and wash trucks. Read more

they think some body has been stealing gas.

Dear Ben. Read your letter this noon. Was glad to here you feel better. Also got the Petersburg paper. I didn’t get it for the last two weeks. Harry Faling had it address wrong. I am going to write him a card when I finish this letter and give him my correct address. The weather Read more

there is nothing like Mich beer

Dear Ann, Well I am on guard again today. A little different guard all I done this morning was rode on a truck with my gun and had to watch two prisoners. We were hauling coal for the barracks. Some of the prisoners are sorta tough and some are not so bad. Most of them Read more

First night in a pup tent

POSTMARKED TACOMA, WASH., Feb 16 7 PM 1942 Pvt. Felix E. Swehla Co B 803 T.D. Bn APO 319 Ft. Lewis, Wash. Feb 13, 1942 Dear Ann, Will start this letter but don’t think I’ll have time to finish it. We left Ft Lewis yesterday. Now we on a beach on the Ocean. Aren’t doing Read more

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